Indian Startups Disrupting the Norms in 2022

If you’re looking for new startups that will shape the Indian landscape by 2022, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few to check out: 10club, Pratilipi, FuelBuddy, and CityMall. These companies are disrupting the norms in their industry and are poised to transform the way Indians do business.


Tenclub is one of the Indian startups disrupting norms in 2022. It is a new model of a roll-up company that helps small businesses grow 10x. Its goal is to make small businesses profitable by acquiring and sustainably increasing them. It also helps businesses develop the correct cash flow to scale their business. As part of the process, 10club does due diligence, validates financial statements and contracts, and helps them plan their growth while leveraging efficiencies.
The team behind 10club comes from top tech companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance, and Udaan. Its model is similar to that of Thrasio, a Massachusetts-based ecommerce startup valued at $3-4 billion. It has a strong small business owners network and uses specific standards to ensure high-quality products. Tenclub also intends to carve out market niches for its different brands.
Another startup in India 2022 is AppsForBharat, which is on a mission to help a billion Indians on their mental journey. It has developed a range of web apps and mobile apps. It is on the cusp of offerings and gaming.


Pratilipi is a free content platform that connects people with books and poetry. The site’s library contains 4.5 million stories written by more than 3.5 lakh writers in ten Indian languages. The site also has over two-hundred-thousand monthly users. In addition to the library, Pratilipi offers literary works, comics, and a popular radio station. The app has received a lot of traction, and the startup is growing its presence in the Indian market.
Pratilipi is a digital storytelling platform with over 2 million users in India. The company has a mission to make people’s lives better. It helps them learn new skills and improve their mental aptitude. In addition, it has helped to save a billion litres of water.


CityMall is a mobile app that enables end-consumers to place orders and send shopping lists via WhatsApp. This makes the experience of placing an order much more convenient, and most users convert to using the app. In addition to superior cataloguing capabilities, the app also offers community leaders a way to encourage and motivate their members to buy products they would otherwise have never considered.
CityMall’s mission is to make everyday life easier for Indian consumers by providing access to goods and services that would otherwise be expensive. By leveraging its network of community resellers in eight smaller cities, the startup aggregates orders and ships them to its community leaders the next day. From there, the community leaders deliver the goods to end customers.
CityMall has plans to make e-commerce easy for 400 million new Internet users and will be the largest network of virtual stores in India. The company also aims to drive home and personal care products that focus on science and sustainability. The company has already saved 400 million litres of water and actively contributes to sustainable development.


FuelBuddy is an app-based IoT fuel delivery startup. It offers door-to-door delivery of pure fuel in the correct quantity at the right price. The startup also provides cloud-based technology to help manage supply chains and perform advanced analytics. Its target audience is commercial establishments, schools, hospitals, apartments, fleets, and residential households.
FuelBuddy is a leading player in the fuel delivery market in India. It recently announced a partnership with Datoms, a provider of remote monitoring solutions for gensets. The partnership will help FuelBuddy’s customers monitor their generators from a distance to prevent fuel theft. It will also enable customers to order fuel when fuel levels drop.
FuelBuddy has several partnerships in India. It has tie-ups with public and private fuel distributors. It also works with fuel supply companies like BPCL and Indian Oil. The startup is now delivering fuel in Noida and Ghaziabad. It’s expected that Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance will also enter the fuel delivery market.
FuelBuddy’s app helps customers track their driver’s location, view previous orders, calculate total fuel expenses, and provide feedback. Moreover, it helps fuel delivery drivers register with the correct documents, license, and profile details. Drivers can switch between active and passive modes with a toggle.


CashFlo is a startup that offers solutions for cash flow management and core finance process automation to small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s products help small and medium-sized enterprises receive working capital. The startup launched in 2018 and has raised $10 million in funding led by General Catalyst.
The startup uses encryption for foolproof security, partnered with insured custodians, and offers a debit card that enables easy withdrawals. By the end of 2022, Cashflo plans to introduce a complete enterprise service suite with advanced analytics and CRM integration. Its innovative model is catching the attention of Web 3.0 enthusiasts in India and has caught the interest of many celebrities.
The company started with teenagers but now caters to working professionals. It plans to add 100 career fields to its platform by the decade’s end. This will include topics such as becoming promotion-ready or rejoining the workforce after a gap year. The company is also targeting the healthcare sector. India’s public healthcare system is overburdened due to a lack of modern technology and resources. Its health tech solutions may help improve the system.
Cashflo has partnered with over 40 portfolio management services to build its platform and service. The company is currently in beta and already has over 14K downloads. By 2020, it expects to have 1K paying customers and will add more services, including forex trading and mutual funds. By 2025, it hopes to have fourK paying customers. It plans to partner with 25 insurance companies.


Teachmint is a company that aims to disrupt the traditional way of teaching and learning in India. It has been around for 16 months and has raised $118 million in funding. The startup plans to use the fresh capital to scale its business. It currently has over 10 million users in India and aims to reach 100 million globally. It also plans to hire experienced talent to help it build a successful education startup.
The company offers a one-stop learning solution for 6-12 grade students. It blends immersive learning, gamification, and AI-assisted study buddy technology to help students succeed. The startup recently raised $4 million in pre-Series B funding from Siana Capital and YourNest Venture Capital. In addition to increasing funding from these sources, the company has expanded its reach to India and the Middle East and acquired customers through social media ads, TV ads, and business development efforts.
Teachmint has two CEOs. One is Imbesat Ahmad, a passionate man with a vision for a company. He inspires his team to work hard towards their common goal. The other is Rohit Kumar, a data-driven strategist with the soul of a techie.

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