PPC Management Services

PPC Management Services

Did you know that PPC (Pay-per-Click) is a quick and easy solution to bring prospective consumers to your website and/or mobile app? As an industry-leading PPC campaign management company in India, we are experts in different PPC management services such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube advertisements.

Having a very high quality content maintenance team that are adept at managing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Pinterest we can deliver a high ROI through social media marketing and advertising.

As a reliable PPC management company, we can help you reap the following benefits:

We can increase your rank using many effective PPC strategies. Furthermore, raise your brand name and business visibility.

We have the expertise to bid on the appropriate keywords, decrease the total cost-per-conversion (CPC), and strive to improve the quality of each ad.


Our engaging and effective marketing campaigns provide you with lucrative visits to your website.

We will maintain close contact with you to ensure that you are aware of how your investment is progressing.

Our data modeling methods assist us in converting leads into prospective customers and boost your Return on Investment (ROI).

Diverse advertising and marketing media were developed which differed from others.

Our diversity of social media specialists renders our service highly versatile.

Whether you want to grow your business or optimize your current ad strategy, invest in a professional PPC campaign management team. Using a reliable strategy, we efficiently provide web based pay per click management services in India and foreign countries to aid your company grow your rankings on the search engines and social media websites.

Paid Search Management

Our staff of experienced AdWords professionals specializes in bidding on the right keywords to drive traffic from Google & Bing Ads and address lead-intent, ensuring our advertisements appeal to your target audience. Our copywriters can create custom copy to drive traffic to your website profitably.

Paid Social

Our experts are effective in creating social media ads, in video ads, and much more. Hire us to optimize your entire marketing campaign. Our specialists have extensive expertise in creating dynamic product ads, product carousel ads, picture, video, and story ads, among others.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are visually more appealing than text ads. This practice allows you to further explore sales prospects in a highly interactive and engaging way. Digital marketers exploit the popularity of the mobile medium to hear sales calls at scale and, as a consequence, reach a significantly larger group of potential buyers than other business models. We apply an analytical method to Google shopping campaign management strategies in order to improve your revenue.

Display Ads

A paid ad is a particularly effective form of promotion. Our eye-catching and efficient display advertising strategies entail creating custom-made and visually pleasing advertisements and choosing the secret to pair them with suitable web pages, games, and videos. Our dedicated PPC campaign staff work closely with our graphic designers to ensure that each of our advertisements is unique, conversion-driven, and visually distinctive.

PPC Campaign Review & Audit

The greatest advantage of engaging a digital advertising service is that you can't miss each dollar you spend. We use in-depth reviews that enable you to equip yourself with the most recent info on how your PPC advertising campaigns are doing and to show you where you need to focus your energies.

PPC Landing Page Creation

Profitable Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertisements require an already perfect and perfectly optimized landing page. Without the appropriate landing page, your campaign isn't going to improve significantly. As a top website developer, we can create and optimize a landing page to drive conversions for your investment.

YouTube Ads

The quicker people process media content, as it is laid out before them in bite-sized pieces, the more popular it becomes. Video commercials are easy to digest, which will help your business flourish by giving you an influx of new consumers.


Remarketing allows you to show targeted ads to people who have already visited or viewed an action in your site or app, but have not converted yet. With precise audience segmentation and segmentation, we can show them the ads for the real-time items they actually viewed. Our strategic reengagement method is ideal for following up with high-intent audiences.

Why choose us for your next project? .

There are many reasons to choose MARSDEN infotech for your PPC management needs. We are a highly experienced and certified team that will work hard to ensure your campaigns are successful. We offer a wide range of services, including keyword research, ad creation, bid management, and campaign tracking. We also provide detailed reports so you can see how your campaigns are performing. Focus on customer service means they will always be available to answer any questions you may have.

We collect words and phrases that pertain to your products or services, and we compile and review them. Our Progressive Planning team composes advertisements incorporating specifically chosen key phrases. We create ads for the appropriate demographics and times regarding the desired targets. We strive to ensure optimum exposure of the ad, strive for low expenses and the best returns on your investments.

Our PPC campaign specialists actively monitor the efficiency of our ads and set up optimum cost prices.

We review our sales analytics and look for weaknesses and areas for improvement. We then readjust our efforts as necessary.

All our activities are oriented toward achieving our primary goal, which is to drive more income-based activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC bid management is the process of managing bids on keyword phrases in a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign. The goal of PPC bid management is to optimize the placement of ads and improve the click-through rate (CTR) while minimizing the cost per click (CPC). PPC bid management is a near-continuous process, as account and keyword information changes frequently.

PPC advertising is an effective way to generate leads and sales for your business. However, there are certain times when running PPC ads may be more beneficial than others. For example, if you are launching a new product or service, running PPC ads during the launch period can help increase awareness and drive sales. Additionally, running PPC ads during periods of high consumer demand, such as holidays, can also be effective in driving sales.

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of PPC advertising. These include the type of keyword, the level of competition for that keyword, the relevance of the keyword to the advertiser’s business, and the quality score assigned to the keyword by Google. In addition, the cost of PPC advertising is also affected by the advertiser’s bid amount and the size of their daily budget.

Reviews of your campaigns are displayed in your reports each month, which you can personalize according to your specific needs and goals. We are always focused on results and your service is dependable and confidential.

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