Twitter Expands Campaign Planner to India

Twitter has expanded its Campaign Planner to include advertising across 15 more countries, including Japan, China, and India. The new tool allows you to create and manage campaigns, including budgets, aims, and beginning and end dates. It also lets you set the frequency cap for the campaign and decide where to place your ads. The ads will default appear in users’ Home Timelines, but you can choose to display them elsewhere. In addition, you can also include ads in profiles and search results.

Promote your brand

Twitter’s campaign planner allows you to create and manage Twitter advertising campaigns. You can specify aims and budgets and select the beginning and end dates. You can also set a cap for the frequency of your ads. You can also select where your ad will be displayed on Twitter. By default, Twitter puts its ads in people’s Home Timelines, but you can change this setting. You can also place your ad on profiles and search results.
The campaign planner has yet to be widely available, but it could be a game changer for advertisers. It lets you create a campaign draft before you start promoting it live. While you won’t see results immediately, the campaign planner will give you an idea of your ad’s effectiveness before it’s live.
The profile picture plays a key role on Twitter because it appears next to every tweet. If you want to increase brand awareness, it’s essential to include your logo on your profile. Also, be sure to include a short bio that describes your brand. In 160 characters, describe your brand’s vision and milestones, and incorporate some humor into the text. The description should be catchy and clearly define the benefits of your product.

Forecast your advertising results

Twitter recently added a new tool called Campaign Planner to its Ads platform. This tool will allow you to forecast your advertising results and budget. It also allows you to launch your advertising campaign from within the app. While this tool is still new, it should become an invaluable planning tool in the future.
Forecasting your advertising results is critical for determining whether it will pay off for your business. Without a forecast, you’re simply gambling with your advertising budget. A tool like this can help you determine whether you’re making the most of your advertising dollars. With this tool, you’ll see how much of your advertising budget will be wasted on a particular campaign.
Another benefit of using a third-party tool for PPC forecasting is that it can import past performance data from Google Ads and other relevant sources. Using this data to create custom reports, including your historical CPC and spending. Depending on the data you have, you may even be able to include historical conversion rates in your forecasting.

Budget for higher frequency

Twitter has made it easy to set up media plans for your campaign. With the Campaign Planner, you can set up multiple objectives in different markets. You can even compare plans to decide which settings are most effective. The campaign planner is now available on the Twitter website. You can start a draft campaign or copy the settings from an existing campaign.
Twitter recommends that you use a higher frequency for your campaign. This will increase your brand’s awareness and ultimately lead to better results. Additionally, you should increase your budget and run your campaign for a longer duration. It would help if you aimed to run your campaign for at least five weeks and up to 13 weeks so that it has time to build brand awareness.
When creating a Twitter campaign, you’ll want to determine your budget for the campaign. Your campaign’s frequency can indicate more significant issues related to targeting, competition, and ad quality. For example, if the frequency is high, your ad is optimized and getting many views. You’ll also want to set a frequency cap for the campaign.

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